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29 January 2010
IAU Circular No.9113


As first announced on CBET 2141, an apparently asteroidal
object discovered by R. D. Cardinal (Rothney Astrophysical
Observatory, University of Calgary, 0.50-m f/1.0 reflector;
discovery observation tabulated below), and placed on the 'NEO
Confirmation Page', has been reported as cometary by several CCD
astrometrists. Y. Ikari (Moriyama, Shiga-Ken, Japan, 0.26-m
reflector) notes that some of his exposures on Jan. 22.6 UT showed
a coma of diameter 0'.2. D. Chestnov, Moscow, writes that three
stacked 300-s unfiltered exposures on Jan. 22.8 by T. Kryachko
(Engelhardt Observatory, Zelenchukskaya Station, 0.3-m reflector)
showed that the object appeared "softer" than the surrounding stars,
having a 0'.1-0'.2 coma with a strong condensation but no tail.
J. M. Aymami (Tiana, Spain, 0.25-m reflector) remarks that 39 co-
added images totaling 3900 seconds, taken around Jan. 22.9, showed
a compact-but-nebulous object displaying what seemed to be a faint
coma measuring 7".5.

2010 UT R.A. (2000) Decl. Mag. Observer
Jan. 19.22247 8 12 28.90 +73 42 01.1 17.7 Cardinal

The following parabolic orbital elements from MPEC 2010-B54 are
from observations spanning Jan. 19-26:

T = 2011 Feb. 6.807 TT Peri. = 211.674
Node = 277.262 2000.0
q = 2.93361 AU Incl. = 101.937

COMETS C/2009 M6, C/2009 M7, C/2009 M8, C/2009 N1 (SOHO)

Additional presumed comets have been found on SOHO website
images -- Kreutz sungrazers except for C/2009 M8 and C/2009 N1
(non-group). C/2009 M6 was very faint (mag about 8.5) and slightly
diffuse. C/2009 M7 was diffuse (mag about 8). C/2008 M8 was
appeared stellar, appearing quite bright (mag about 6.5-7) but
fading fast in C2 images. C/2009 N1 was slightly diffuse (mag
about 7) in C3 images, and a faint, diffuse streak in C2 images.

Comet 2009 UT R.A.(2000)Decl. Inst. F MPEC
C/2009 M6 June 25.604 6 09.9 +21 52 C2 MU 2009-P02
C/2009 M7 26.908 6 15.3 +21 48 C2 BZ 2009-P20
C/2009 M8 30.071 6 32.4 +25 58 C3/2 RK 2009-P20
C/2009 N1 July 2.596 6 42.8 +26 41 C3/2 BZ 2009-P20

2010 January 29 (9113) Daniel W. E. Green
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